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Integrated software specifically designed for entertainment attraction venues-Zoos, Parks, Museums, Aquariums. Industry leading, solutions to boost revenue enhance the guest experience and streamline operations


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KMIT Solutions LLC, is the leading provider of integrated point-of-sale software systems for zoos amusement parks, museums, and several other entertainment and education attractions throughout the United States and worldwide.

KMIT Solutions is a subsidiary of K&M International, a privately held company conducting business with entertainment attractions worldwide for over 30 years. We first started with a set of ideas; provide software solutions that streamline business operations. Eliminate fragmented software environments and provide an integrated modular point of sale system that can interact with existing applications. Most importantly, provide solutions that help family attractions maximize their revenues and minimize expenditures.

From our years of research and consultations with end users, we developed a unique point of sale software suite providing tools you need today with scalable features and architecture for tomorrow.

FocusPoint360 is the latest flagship product of our research; an integrated modular point of sale software application for nonprofits, education, amusement and entertainment attractions from the newest generation of our KMWare line of software. FocusPoint360 is designed to enhance the patron experience and provide solutions for your operational concerns by seamlessly integrating key functions of your day to day business to increase facility productivity and revenue.

KMIT Solutions has developed FocusPoint360 using leading industry standard platforms for the needs of today and tomorrow, including Microsoft.NET, SQL Server 2008, IIS and SOA and has compatibility with Windows XP and 7.

Understanding the need for real time information and data access we have a web based back office enabling you to manage various aspects of your business and view reports vital to your daily operations. Reports can be exported to a variety of formats and are available as our standard canned reports, item queries which you design, and optional advanced OLAP cube data analysis reports. We also offer 50 hours of free custom report creation and have a system that can be interfaced crystal reports.

We entered this arena with a mission to bring the best quality product, service and support. KMIT Solutions brings years of experience, coupled with an extensive modular software suite ready for your needs. We are currently active members of:

When evaluating products you may review capital investments, return on investment, support and scalability. Let us help you reach your goals and make your operations increasingly profitable.